"It's about heart, determination and a willingness to get uncomfortable. You will get uncomfortable and you will see change!"



Beatbox on Channel 4

I love beatbox! This class and community have transformed my life! All the instructors are dedicated to helping everyone become their healthiest; no matter your age, body type, or experience! This is a safe place to learn to become stronger in an incredible group of women. After two babies, I'm in the best shape I ever have been in, and my body and strength continue to inspire me to do even more!

Liz Knowles

Joined in 2013

I have been to many different workouts all over the Nashville area and I have finally found the perfect fit. Beatbox Fit. I love that it is a place where competition and comparison is not what hits you when you walk thru the door. I love that age and athletic background will not dictate how well you will complete the workout. It is about heart, determination and a willingness to get uncomfortable. You will get uncomfortable and you will see change! It is the hardest workout I have ever done, but you will want to come back. I have come back consistently for over and year, and I wouldn’t trade the people, instructors, and the positive workout environment for the world!!

Carrie Ball

Joined in 2014

I will admit that before I came to my first class, I had been an Instagram stalker for weeks prior. A great friend finally talked me into trying it with her, and I instantly fell in love. I tried it because I wanted a great workout, to become healthier, and to get in better shape. What I didn't know is that Beatbox Fit would become so much more to me than just a workout. It is truly a camaraderie that I can only liken to playing team sports, in my former life, many moons ago. I really feel like the instructors and those working out beside me have become my teammates, my family even, who accept me, love me, and push me to be more each class. It has filled a void that I didn't even know I had until I tried it. Mentally. Spiritually. And physically. Beatbox Fit hits all three for me and for that I am so grateful.

Ginger Baldwin

Joined in 2014

Beatbox Fit has been more than just a place to workout for me. Ellen has built a community of women who cheer each other on whether you're the most fit person in the room or you haven't worked out in years. There's a unique camaraderie at Beatbox, formed from the knowledge that we all somehow keep showing up and surviving the hardest workout in Nashville day after day and week after week. I'm a better wife and mom because of how Ellen and her team have encouraged me physically, emotionally, and spiritually through Beatbox Fit!

Melissa Toy

Joined in 2014

We all leave the same way regardless of how in shape we are or not: incredibly sweaty and always smiling. This is harder than any workout I have ever done, even the workouts I did in college soccer.

Maria Petty

Joined in 2015