Beatbox drives results with fun, music-driven, total body workouts. beatboxFIT's goal is to help you become the healthiest you!



Need a place to start? This is for you! Beatbox is a music-driven bootcamp for all ages, fitness levels, & body types. Modifications are welcome in all classes! Your body will transform as you sweat along friends and have fun moving to music you want to dance to. Enjoy this super challenging workout filled with burpees, jumps, and push-ups where you work alongside the most loving and supportive people . The main focus of this popular workout is cardio & toning.


If you’re looking for a hardcore lower impact workout that will make you stronger, start here It’s driven by music to keep you motivated throughout the song. This ain’t your mama’s yoga class. One thing matters: you show up and you work. You will begin doing things you never thought you would be able to do. Things you once thought were IMPOSSIBLE for you are now part of your daily routine. This unique workout features cardio, toning, & stretching. Mats are provided.


This was the first beatbox class to involve equipment, which will make you sweat more than any machine you’ve ever used at a gym. This up-tempo and fast moving class will demand your best as you get amazing results. Your body will move swiftly as the beat of the music motivates your next full body movement. You can expect cardio, toning, and full-body movement when you try this class.


A class to focus on stretching out. Main focus: Stretching & toning.


This class focuses on strengthening your core, working your full body, muscle definition, and stretching. While using the colorful all-in-one piece of strength training equipment, you will get the best workout, which will also mean toning your entire body. Try out Beatbox's newest format!


Ellen Joiner

Ellen is a native Nashvillian who created BeatboxFIT. Ellen has two kids- a baby boy and preschool girl. She and her husband Greg live in Nolensville. She has two adorable kids and spends her days being silly with them! She has started Beatbox from the ground up and has seen many lives changed through her program of becoming healthy. Ellen has many fitness certification including AFAA & NASM.

Austine Fleener

Austine is a mom to a busy 7 year old and teaches Beatbox classes mostly at night. During the day, she works as a full time interior designer. She is passionate about Beatbox, and it brings her joy to be an instructor. "I'm incredibly thankful for the encouraging and supportive environment that personifies Beatbox. There's nothing like being pushed outside your physical comfort zone but doing it with people you love!"

Kim Elliot

Kim is a mom of three who teaches beatbox about four times a week. Kim is usually driving her children to their many sporting events and loves spending time with her sweet husband Bump. In Kim's opinion, Beatbox is unlike any other workout community. "This place is like a supportive family. You will not be comfortable, but you will be encouraged and loved. We are all at different levels, but we are all there to work and grow. This place will make you fight and it will change you for the better."

Amanda Kellum

Amanda is a mom to two girls and is married to Clayton. They are both from jackson, ms but have lived here in Nashville for over 13 years. Amanda loves beatbox because it pushes you to your max, but is a completely judgement free zone. "Just come as you are and do the most you can. The workouts are so hard but fun and you NEVER regret you came!"


Lauren is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but has lived in Nashville for the past 15 years. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Matt, and together they have four precious children. The Beatbox community has been a real gift to Lauren. "Beatbox will truly transform you, inside and out. It is the toughest (but most fun) work out I've ever done. It is also a second home, a place to be known, loved, and challenged."


Shelby teaches the early morning BeatboxMat class. Shelby lives in Brentwood with her husband Benny, and three daughters Ellie, Bella and Abigail. Shelby has participated in group fitness classes for many years but says nothing compares to the camaraderie at beatboxFit. "You will be physically challenged, you will not be comfortable at times, you will sweat more than you thought possible yet you will feel accomplished, stronger, loved and supported by everyone there."


Julie is from Virginia Beach, and recently moved to Nashville. She teaches Beatbox Stretch and loves being apart of the Beatbox family. She has two little girls and her husband is a former navy seal who owns a security company. "Beatbox Fit has truly become by home away from home for me. I left two yoga studios back in Virginia that I still own so this place has filled that void for me. I'm so thankful i found such an encouraging place that has also become a family-like support system for me here in Nashville."


Beatbox kids have a community all together. These kids play, laugh, dance, and make best friends within the childcare that’s offered for almost every class. Headed up by the very best, Ms.Michelle, we have quite a team that loves on your kids while you get your sweat on. We prefer you to sign all kids up before class on this website, but if you are new, feel free to e-mail for more information. We take kids as young at 2 months old. We want your kids to see you become your healthiest you, so bring on your crew!

Childcare Staff

Michelle Riley

Michelle is a mom of three beautiful grown daughters. She is the best at loving and caring for kids of all ages. Infant to elementary school "Miss Michelle" is very beloved by all our Beatboxfit kids!!